Table 2—

Cumulative direct, indirect, and total costs (in billions of dollars) for opportunistic (n = 54.4 million) and population screening (n = 18.2 million) of the U.S. population 45–74 years of age and costs per true-positive screening test

Direct medical costs
Indirect costs
Total costs
Cost per true positive
RPG ≥100 mg/dl
    Every year10.115.825.89.96.916.920.022.742.71,4444,9182,312
    Every 3 years4.,934916
    Every 5 years2.,340637
RPG ≥130 mg/dl
    Every year5.614.420.,1931,513
    Every 3 years2.,745642
    Every 5 years1.,274475
RPG ≥160 mg/dl
    Every year4.614.,1471,359
    Every 3 years1.,865626
    Every 5 years1.,450492
    Every year4.714.519.,1141,348
    Every 3 years1.,665563
    Every 5 years1.,218419