Table 2

BMI and mortality risk in participants with diabetes

No. participantsNo. eventsEvent rateModel 1Model 2Model 3
Obese2275940.80.90 (0.65–1.26)1.13 (0.81–1.60)0.89 (0.58–1.38)
Normal weight1174462.51.39 (0.97–2.01)1.34 (0.93–1.95)1.72 (1.12–2.64)
Adjustment for adipose tissue, muscle tissue, and/or function in model 3
 Normal weight + thigh muscle area1.36 (0.87–2.11)
 Normal weight + gait speed1.44 (0.91–2.27)
 Normal weight + gait speed + thigh muscle area1.27 (0.80–2.01)
 Normal weight + muscle strength1.59 (1.00–2.52)
 Normal weight + thigh muscle attenuation1.93 (1.25–2.99)
 Normal weight + VAT and SATa1.60 (1.03–2.49)
  • Data are HR (95% CI) unless otherwise indicated. Events per 1,000 person-years. Model 1 unadjusted. Model 2 adjusted for age, sex, education, and duration of diabetes. Model 3 adjusted for model 2 covariates plus midlife BMI, waist circumference, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, smoking status, hypertension, statin use, diabetes medication type, microalbuminuria, and CRP. HRs are shown only for covariates that were significant in the fully adjusted model.

  • aModel excluded waist circumference due to collinearity with VAT.