Table 1—

Recommended follow-up of the bariatric surgery patient by the nonsurgeon*

1 month3 months6 months12 months18 months24 monthsAnnually
Chemistry panelXXXXXXX
Complete blood countXXXXXXX
Iron studiesXXXXXXX
Vitamin DXXXX
Parathyroid hormoneXXXX
Bone densityXXX
  • *

    * This table is made up of recommendations based on clinical practice and is not meant to be a complete set of guidelines. Depending on the bariatric procedure done, the individual practitioner will need to determine what studies are needed for each patient. In patients who underwent a purely restrictive procedure (e.g., banding), many of these studies may not need to be done.

  • If the patient is found to have an abnormally low bone density, or decreasing bone density, then measure bone density annually.