Table 3—

Multiple linear regression analysis of changes in risk factors after adjustment for key variables

Model 1*
P valueModel 2
P value
Regression coefficient for caseRegression coefficient for case
ΔBMI (kg/m2)−0.70.008
ΔSystolic blood pressure (mmHg)−50.09−40.17
ΔDiastolic blood pressure (mmHg)−30.033−20.12
ΔFasting plasma glucose (mmol/l)−1.10.002−1.00.005
ΔHbA1c (%)−0.30.032−0.30.010
ΔTotal serum cholesterol (mmol/l)−0.10.49−0.10.51
ΔSerum HDL cholesterol (mmol/l)
ΔSerum triglycerides (mmol/l)−0.50.14−0.50.18
ΔACR (mg/mmol)−3.20.26−2.50.40
  • *

    * Adjustment for age, sex, diabetes duration, baseline value (or ln [value]) for the associated variable, ΔBMI, and change in exercise over 12 months.

  • Model 1 plus adjustment for intensification of associated pharmacotherapy other than weight-reducing medication. ACR, urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio.