Table 5—

Linear regression model for predicting glucose at 120 min on the second OGTT using indexes of insulin sensitivity, secretion, and their dynamics

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Full model
β CoefficientP valueβ CoefficientP valueβ CoefficientP valueβ CoefficientP value
African American18.450.00421.460.00119.350.00322.290.001
Time between studies−0.0090.22−0.0060.44−0.0050.54−0.0060.41
Glucose 120 min on first OGTT0.38<0.0010.320.0010.43<0.0010.43<0.001
BMI z score (baseline)14.380.0216.490.03
Δ BMI z score−2.660.81−10.900.44
IGI (baseline)−1.150.08−0.900.23
Δ IGI−0.680.15−0.570.24
WBISI (baseline)−0.340.89−0.670.82
Δ WBISI−6.460.007−6.880.011
  • The β coefficient for sex compares male with female subjects. Hispanic ethnicity was used as a reference.