Table 1—

Clinical characteristics of five type 1 diabetic pregnancies

PatientAge (years)/ white class*HbA1c preconception/ end of pregnancy (%)Use of glargine in pregnancy (weeks)Glargine dose in pregnancy (IU/day)Time of delivery (weeks)Newborn weight (g)Perinatal mortality and/or congenital malformation
  • *

    * White Classification of Diabetes in Pregnancy (7). Class A: Diet alone, any duration or onset age. Class B: Onset at age ≥20 years, duration <10 years. Class C: Onset between the ages of 10 and 19 years, duration 10–19 years. Class D: Onset before the age of 10 years, duration <20 years, background retinopathy or hypertension (not pre-eclampsia). Class R: Proliferative retinopathy or vitreous hemorrhage. Class F: Nephropathy with >500 mg/day proteinuria. Class RF: Criteria for both classes R and F coexist. Class H: Arteriosclerotic hearth disease clinically evident. Class T: Prior renal transplantation. All classes below A require insulin therapy.