Table 2—

Mean pharmacokinetic summary measures after inhalation of 6 mg INH or subcutaneous injection of 18 U RHI on two different study days in 17 healthy volunteers (baseline values subtracted)

Serum insulin measuresINHRHIRatio/difference*90% CI*P values
Maximal serum insulin concentration (Cmax) (μU/ml)66.961.0110% (INH/RHI)86–139NS
Time to maximal concentration (tmax) (min)*55148−93 (INH−RHI)−132 to −54< 0.001
AUC-Insulin0–60 (μU · ml–1 · min−1)2,7401,650166% (INH/RHI)120–229< 0.05
AUC-Insulin0–180 (μU · ml–1 · min–1)8,3907,560111% (INH/RHI)90–137NS
AUC-Insulin0–600 (μU · ml–1 · min–1)14,00017,70079% (INH/RHI)67–92< 0.05
  • *

    * Arithmetic mean;

  • one-sided for tmax and AUC-Insulin0–60, two-sided for all other measures;

  • geometric mean.