Table 1—

Barriers to physical activity among low-income patients with type 2 diabetes

I have health problems that keep me from exercising2.78 ± 2.10
I do not have anyone to exercise with2.77 ± 2.10
I have trouble getting back to exercise after a break in my routine2.69 ± 1.99
I have joint pain that keeps me from exercising2.57 ± 1.85
My leg pain is too bad to exercise2.52 ± 1.86
Exercise is physically painful2.48 ± 1.86
I do not have enough time at home to exercise2.42 ± 1.68
I do not have the right equipment to exercise2.18 ± 1.75
I do not have enough time during or after work to exercise2.16 ± 1.47
There is not enough time in my schedule to exercise1.97 ± 1.46
  • Data are means ± SD. Barriers were rated on 6-point Likert scale (1 = never true, 6 = always true).