Table 2—

SCI-R rotated factor loadings for 2- and 3-factor solutions for type 1 and type 2 diabetic patient groups

SCI-R items*2 Factor
3 Factor
Factor 1Factor 2Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3
Type 1 diabetic patients
    Exercise regularly47082153−12
    Attend clinic appointments5021423405
    Eat recommended food portions5345582831
    Adjust insulin5726424706
    Keep food records58003844−19
    Treat low blood glucose6325691912
    Carry quick acting sugar for lows6642732526
    Read food labels74−017121−18
    Wear medic alert232542−0924
    Check blood glucose with monitor3844038119
    Eat meals/snacks on time3844235227
    Take diabetes pills/insulin at the right time3158500852
    Record blood glucose results2260016443
    Check ketones0870280668
    Take correct dose of diabetes pills/insulin−1875−051375
Type 2 diabetic patients
    Exercise regularly6726327218
    Attend clinic appointments5628581827
    Eat recommended food portions1776161674
    Keep food records71−336034−37
    Treat low blood glucose6032651631
    Carry quick-acting sugar for lows6940751838
    Read food labels76−178413−18
    Check blood glucose with monitor6923228912
    Eat meals/snacks on time1071002569
    Take diabetes pills/insulin at the right time5636591834
    Record blood glucose results6026138616
    Take correct dose of diabetes pills/insulin1371220171
  • Factor loadings are in decimals. Significant loadings (i.e., ≥0.40) are in bold. Three items are not used in SCI-R for type 2 patients and were not included in analyses for that patient group.

  • *

    * Some items are shortened for ease of presentation.