Table 1—

Summary of the two treatment titration regimens for insulin glargine

Mean FBG for the previous 3 consecutive daysIncrease in daily basal insulin glargine dose (IU)*
Algorithm 1: titration at every visit; managed by physicianAlgorithm 2: titration every 3 days; managed by subject
≥100 mg/dl and <120 mg/dl (≥5.5 mmol/l and <6.7 mmol/l)0–2 (at the discretion of the investigator)0–2 (at the discretion of the investigator)
≥120 mg/dl and <140 mg/dl (≥6.7 mmol/l and <7.8 mmol/l)22
≥140 mg/dl and <180 mg/dl (≥7.8 mmol/l and <10 mmol/l)42
≥180 mg/dl (≥10 mmol/l)6–8 (at the discretion of the investigator)2
  • *

    * Target FBG ≤100 mg/dl (≤5.5 mmol/l).

  • Reviewed by physician at each visit, either in person or over the telephone; titration occurred only in the absence of blood glucose levels <72 mg/dl (<4.0 mmol/l).

  • Magnitude of daily basal dose was at the discretion of the investigator.