Table 2—

Adjusted levels of selected features of the insulin resistance syndrome by sex and FVC (% predicted) quartile at baseline: the ARIC study

FVC quartile*Fasting glucose (mg/dl)Fasting insulin (μu/ml)HOMA-IRHDL (mg/dl)Triglycerides (mg/dl)SBP (mmHg)DBP (mmHg)
    I (low)101.512.53.243.514812275
    IV (high)
    P value0.0004<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001<0.0001<0.00010.12
    I (low)97.711.72.958.011812072
    IV (high)
    P value<0.0001<0.0001< 0.00010.010.005<0.00010.11
  • Adjusted simultaneously for age, race, waist circumference, pack-years of cigarette smoking, sport activity index, and ARIC center. HOMA-IR, homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance.

  • *

    * Quartiles of FVC (% predicted) are sex specific.

  • HOMA-IR = (fasting insulin [μU/ml] × fasting glucose [mmol/l]/22.5).

  • P values correspond to tests for linear trend across quartiles.