Table 3—

Summary statistics for longitudinal change of nerve tests in group 2 patients

Nerve testRDNS patients (of 90) who at baseline had Σ 5 NC nds <97.5th percentile
Significantly worsened vs. improved over time
Ulnar CMAP nd79740.0010.88150.000
Ulnar MNCV nd22068−0.043<0.00010.086
Ulnar MNDL nd182700.059<0.00010.110
Ulnar F-wave nd184680.028<0.00010.048
Peroneal CMAP nd21168−0.033<0.00010.053
Peroneal MNCV nd23661−0.054<0.00010.120
Peroneal MNDL nd301590.082<0.00010.228
Tibial CMAP nd161262−0.0040.61300.000
Tibial MNCV nd12177−0.0260.00030.042
Tibial MNDL nd251640.085<0.00010.226
Tibial F-wave nd159660.0170.04100.023
Sural SNAP nd18567−0.044<0.00010.102
Σ 5 NC nds421470.296<0.00010.354
Σ Per. Tib. Ul. CMAP nds167670.0350.01700.017
Σ Per. Tib. CMAP & Sur. SNAP nds281610.082<0.00010.082
Σ Per. Tib. Ul. MNCV nds250650.122<0.00010.145
Σ Per. Tib. MNCV & Sur. SNCV nds181710.122<0.00010.134
Σ Per. Tib. MNCV, Sur. SNCV & Tib. F-wave nds212670.143<0.00010.119
Σ Per. Tib. Ul. MNCV & Per. Tib. F-wave nds283590.173<0.00010.119
Σ Per. Tib. Ul. MNDL nds351540.223<0.00010.290
NIS (total)53820.0320.04180.011
NIS (lower leg)54810.0320.03830.010
NSC severity (total)3186−0.1690.05230.042
Left foot VDT step nd51174−0.0200.09270.007
ln(Left foot CDT step) nd112770.0240.06700.002
Left foot HP: 5 step nd4581−0.0050.85350.006
Left foot HP: 0.5 step nd6381−0.0130.61130.001
Left foot HP: 5–0.5 step nd5679−0.0160.51540.000
  • Data in bold are P values <0.05.

  • *

    * Statistically significant change (P < 0.05) of the nerve test over time of each patient using regression analysis. The mean ±SD number of neuropathic assessments was 7.8 ± 1.2.

  • Mean slope () of regression lines of nerve tests on time.

  • Mean of the correlation of nerve tests on time. CDT, cooling detection threshold; CMAP, compound muscle action potential; HP, heat pain; MNCV, motor nerve conduction velocity; MNDL, motor nerve distal latency; Per., peroneal; SNAP, sensory nerve action potential; Sur. sural; Tib., tibial; Ul., ulnar; VDT, vibratory detection threshold.