Table 4—

Risk covariates for monotone worsening of nerve conductions in group 2 patients

Continuous univariate risk factors
nSpearman correlation coefficientP*
Age at last visit900.24650.0192
Average height900.00470.9653
Average weight900.04530.6717
Average body surface area900.03580.7377
Average BMI900.05620.5989
Average pulse90−0.19740.0621
Average systolic blood pressure900.4385<0.0001
Average diastolic blood pressure900.07020.5110
Average energy expenditure (per person)90−0.15070.1563
Average 24-h proteinuria900.41320.0001
Average 24-h microalbuminuria870.4662<0.0001
Duration of diabetes at last visit90−0.05870.5827
Average fasting plasma glucose900.09180.3894
Average A1C900.29190.0052
Average creatinine900.28540.0064
Average cholesterol900.17550.0980
Average triglycerides900.18760.0767
Average HDL90−0.07640.4743
Average apolipoprotein A-I90−0.07610.4760
Average apolipoprotein A-II900.02810.7924
Average apolipoprotein E900.24210.0215
Average apolipoprotein B900.16190.1274
Average lipoprotein(a)90−0.06260.5576
Smoking (pack-years) in last year880.09360.3857
Alcohol drinking in last year880.25890.0149
Smoking (pack-years) now900.03160.7671
Alcohol drinking now900.20880.0483
Average A1C½ × duration of diabetes at last visit⅛900.21900.0381
Nephropathy stage900.35680.0006
Retinopathy stage900.10360.3314

Dichotomous univariate risk factors: characteristicsn
Z statisticP
Last available type of diabetes by C-peptide (type 1/type 2)26640.17900.3030−2.41700.0157
Sex (women/men)40500.25650.2870−0.83640.4029
Multivariate risk factors: independent variableParameter estimatesSEt statisticP
−1/(24-h microalbuminuria½)0.57810.13184.390.001
  • Change for variable periods up to 18 years. Data in bold are P values <0.05.

  • *

    * Two-sided Spearman rank correlation test.

  • Wilcoxon rank-sum test.

  • Least-squares multiple regression