Table 2—

Treating the metabolic syndrome

CharacteristicPatient APatient BPatient C
Waist circumference (cm)110103114
Triglycerides (mmol/l)1.620.341.34
Systolic/diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)170/95135/90125/80
HDL (mmol/l)1.061.681.29
Fasting plasma glucose (mmol/l)
LDL (mmol/l)4.651.811.94
OtherPatient smokes; taking no drugsNone; taking no drugsPatient had previous MI 4 years ago; taking a β blocker and aspirin
  • All three patients are 50 years old, white males, with no symptoms of CVD and no family history of diabetes, CHD, or stroke. They present for a routine physical examination. Based on the findings above, what factor(s) should be treated and what is the goal of therapy?