Table 1—

Median values of demographic and glycemic exposure variables in the RDNS cohort to the end of 2004

nMedian (range)
First visit
    Age (years)32756.0 (13.0–86.0)
    Mean FPG (mg/dl)326158.0 (28.0–456.0)
    Mean A1C (%)*3257.9 (4.7–13.7)
    Age at onset of diabetes (years)32748.2 (3.5–82.4)
    GEi3254.7 (3.5–6.0)
    Mean systolic blood pressure (mmHg)317136.0 (88.0–204.0)
    Mean diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)31778.0 (50.0–110.0)
Averaged over time
    Mean FPG (mg/dl)327165.4 (95.3–313.3)
    Mean A1C (%)*3277.8 (5.2–12.4)
    Mean systolic blood pressure (mmHg)327132.4 (98.4–182.5)
    Mean diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)32776.1 (54.8–100.7)
First visit to last visit
    Number of evaluations of FPG32727.0 (2.0–70.0)
    Number of evaluations of A1C32727.0 (2.0–70.0)
Last visit
    Duration of diabetes (years)32718.0 (3.4–73.8)
    Duration of follow-up (years)3277.8 (1.4–20.0)
  • * The mean A1C values were calculated with reference to DCCT standards. The corresponding mean A1C values using International Federation of Clinical Chemistry standards have a median of 6.3% and range of 2.9–12.6% at the first visit. The median (range) is 6.2% (3.3–12.2) for visits averaged over time. The mean difference between the first visit and visits averaged over time for A1C (percent) is 0.1692 (P = 0.0054) using DCCT standards.

  • GEi = −2.7912 + 3.7961 × A1C1/4 + 0.7478 × duration of diabetes1/4 + −0.0725 × age of onset of diabetes1/4. Its derivation is provided in results. A1C is measured using DCCT standards.