Table 3—

Development of different clinical parameters in patients with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease measured before and after 6, 12, 18, and 24 months of starting a GFD

nDuration of the GFD
Baseline6 months12 months18 months24 monthsP value
Weight SDS27−*0.30*0.35*0.002
Height SDS27−0.46−0.37−0.31−0.24−0.260.073
A1C (%)
Hemoglobin (mmol/l)257.68.4*8.3*8.4*8.3*0.001
Mean corpuscular volume (fl)2581.683.083.883.584.4*0.020
Ferritin (μg/l)2626.031.139.8*44*37.9*0.012
Folate (nmol/l)24489606*637*639*5810.076
Cobalamin (pmol/l)253874164153953790.872
Calcium (mmol/l)231.241.26*1.26*1.26*1.26*0.044
ALAT (units/l)2624.927.221.019.7*20.60.062
  • Data are means of the group. At 24 months follow-up, the corresponding P values are also presented. Only a few follow-up data were available from patients with celiac disease diagnosed before this study. The increase in hemoglobin was not caused by the increase in hemoglobin seen in male puberty. Paired comparisons were performed by Wilcoxon signed-ranked test.

  • *

    * Significant changes from baseline.