Table 1A—

Weekly dose titration for basal insulin glargine

Mean of fasting SMBG from preceding 2–4 daysIncrease of insulin dosage (IU/day)*
≥180 mg/dl8
≥160–<180 mg/dl6
≥140–<160 mg/dl4
≥120–<140 mg/dl2
≥100–<120 mg/dl0–2
Glycemic target: fasting SMBG ≤100 mg/dl and no hypoglycemia (SMBG <70 mg/dl)No change
If mean fasting SMBG <70 mg/dlDose decreased to the previous lower dose
  • * If the subject’s A1C was >8.0% after visit 1, the investigator may have, at his or her discretion, increased the insulin glargine dose by up to 5 additional units to meet glycemic targets at each subsequent study visit.

  • Upward titration was to be stopped for 1 week after an occurrence of severe hypoglycemia.