Table 1—

Characteristics of participants

No celiac disease (reference)Celiac disease
Age at first recorded diagnosis of celiac disease (years)
    0–27,090 (76.7)
    3–192,153 (23.3)
    Male19,210 (42.1)3,889 (42.1)
    Female26,470 (57.9)5,354 (57.9)
Calendar period
    1964–19731,292 (2.8)265 (2.9)
    1974–198313,222 (28.9)2,671 (28.9)
    1984–199322,165 (48.5)4,485 (48.5)
    1994–20039,001 (19.7)1,822 (19.7)
    I4,707 (10.3)968 (10.5)
    II5,694 (12.5)1,278 (13.8)
    III13,979 (30.6)3,590 (38.8)
Missing data21,300 (46.6)3,407 (36.9)
  • Data are n (%). Individuals with >1 year of follow-up after celiac disease diagnosis or corresponding date in matched reference individuals (also see text). For SEI, “I” is the highest category (also see text). For reference individuals, we have given the number of individuals who constituted the basis for the Cox regression. In actuality, we had data on SEI for another 4,048 reference individuals, but these individuals were not part of the internally stratified calculations due to missing values on SEI in the matched individual with celiac disease. When these 4,048 reference individuals are added to those presented above, the proportion of missing values is similar between individuals with celiac disease and reference individuals.