Table 2

Major topics and papers from the SEARCH study and ancillary studies*

Burden of diabetes (prevalence/1,000)
 2001 (5); 2009 (6); changes in prevalence 2001–2009 (2); projections of diabetes burden to 2050 (50)
Risk of diabetes (incidence/100,000)
 2002 to 2003 (12); 2008 to 2009 (13); trends in incidence, non-Hispanic whites (2002–2009) (14)
Race/ethnicity–specific characteristics
 Navajo (21); Asian, Pacific Islander (23); Hispanic (22); African American (24); non-Hispanic white (20)
 Prevalence of overweight and obesity (25)
 Weight-loss practices and weight-related issues (58)
Clinical, biochemical, and genetic findings
 Glycemic control
  Lipids and glycemic control (59)
  Glycemic control and change in lipids (61)
  Psychosocial burden and glycemic control (63)
 HLA and genetics
  HLA-associated phenotypes (60)
  Time trends in HLA susceptibility among type 1 in Colorado (62)
  Prevalence of MODY due to HNF1A, HNF4A, glucokinase (48), JDRF Monogenic Study*
  Prevalence of permanent neonatal diabetes (64), JDRF Monogenic Study*
  TCF7L2 and type 2 in multiethnic youth (66)
 β-Cell function
  Preservation of β-cell function in autoantibody positive youth (65)
  Evolution of β-cell function (67)
  Testing the accelerator hypothesis: body size, β-cell function, age at onset among type 1 (68)
 Type of diabetes
  Development of an insulin sensitivity score (46)
  Etiologic approach to characterization of diabetes type (47)
 CVD risk factors
  CVD risk factor clustering (69)
  Prevalence of elevated apoB and small, dense LDL (32)
  Lipids among type 1 and control subjects (71), SEARCH CC*
  CVD risk factors among type 2 and controls (73), SEARCH CC*
  Prevalence of tobacco use and CVD risk factors (75)
Developmental origins
 Maternal diabetes in utero and age at diagnosis among type 2 (70)
 Maternal obesity and diabetes in utero and type 2 (72), SEARCH CC*
 Breast-feeding and type 2 in three ethnic groups (74), SEARCH CC*
Behavioral factors
 Physical activity and self-concept (76), SEARCH CC*
 Physical activity and electronic media use (26), SEARCH CC*
 TV and computer use (79)
 Cardiovascular health among type 1 (81), SEARCH CVD*
 Dietary intake (27)
 Correlates of dietary intake (77)
 DASH diet and CVD risk factors (78)
 Change in DASH diet and CVD risk factors (80)
 Sugar sweetened beverages and CVD risk profile (82)
 DASH diet and hypertension (83)
 Vitamin D insufficiency prevalence and association with insulin resistance (85), SNAS*
 Nutritional factors and preservation of C-peptide among type 1 (87), SNAS*
 Fructose intake and CVD risk factors among type 1 (89), SNAS*
 Dietary intake patterns and arterial stiffness (91), SNAS* and CVD*
Quality of life
 Health-related quality of life (84)
 Demographic and clinical correlates of quality of life among type 1 (86)
 Longitudinal associations among sex, self-care, and quality of life (88)
 Prevalence and correlates of depressed mood (90)
 Metabolic and inflammatory links with depression (92)
Acute complications
 Prevalence of DKA at onset (19)
 Trends in DKA at onset (44)
Risk factors and early complications
 Carotid structure and function among type 1 (39), SEARCH CVD*
 CVD risk factors associated with increased arterial stiffness among type 1 (93), SEARCH CVD*
 Smoking and arterial stiffness among type 1 (95), SEARCH CVD*
 Reduced HRV in type 1 and control subjects (36), SEARCH CVD*
 Glycemic control and HRV (94), SEARCH CVD*
 Reduced HRV is associated with increased arterial stiffness among type 1 (96), SEARCH CVD*
Quality of care
 Barriers to care among type 1 (97)
 Treatment patterns among type 2 (99)
 Transition from childhood to adult care among type 1 (41)
 Insulin regimens and clinical outcomes (42)
 Predictors of insulin regimens among type 1 (102)
Spatial epidemiology and built environment
 Neighborhood level risk factors among type 1 (98), SPATIAL*
 Geographic variation in type 1 and 2 in four U.S. regions (100)
 Ascertainment of diabetes using EHRs (54,101)
 Adherence to treatment guidelines (40)
  • Studies shown in Table 1 are not included in Table 2. CVD, cardiovascular disease; DASH, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension; HRV, heart rate variability.

  • *Ancillary studies include SEARCH Case-Control (CC); SEARCH CVD; Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Monogenic Study; SEARCH Nutrition Ancillary Study (SNAS); and SEARCH Spatial Epidemiology of Diabetes (SPATIAL).