Table 1—

Pearson correlations for medical mistrust, diabetes self-management, metabolic control, and quality of life

MMIP value
Diabetes knowledge0.0410.550
Self-care (understanding)0.0040.949
Self-care (control problems)0.0360.604
Perceived control of diabetes−0.1730.012*
    Total cholesterol0.0470.499
    LDL cholesterol0.0720.306
    HDL cholesterol0.0660.349
SF-12 (PCS score)−0.1730.044*
SF-12 (MCS score)−0.1730.006*
  • * Significant correlations at P < 0.05. SF-12, 12-item short-form health survey. MCS, Mental Component Summary; PCS, Physical Component Summary.