Table 3—

Linear regression models for cognitive test scores and cognitive test change scores with hyperinsulinemia variables

β Coefficient of hyperinsulinemia variableP value
Baseline DWR
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.06870.0962
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.07790.0351*
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.06770.1154
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.03150.3583
DWR change scores
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.09290.0527
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.03350.4351
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.11350.0245*
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.05630.1604
Baseline DSS
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.76650.0092*
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.45980.0834
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.70090.0218*
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.34050.1634
DSS change scores
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.40390.0727
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.29310.1370
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.37530.1119
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.11400.5262
Baseline WF
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.66180.0447*
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.70980.0161*
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.68670.0471*
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.69180.0115*
WF change scores
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.56340.0226*
    Fasting insulin (cutoff 12.2 mU/l)−0.41050.0626
    HOMA (cutoff 75th percentile)−0.39520.1256
    HOMA (cutoff 2.6)−0.22960.2617
  • Reference levels being those without hyperinsulinemia at baseline. All regressions adjusted for age, sex, race, marital status, education level, smoking status, alcohol use, depression score, history of hypertension, and history of hyperlipidemia.

  • *

    * Significant P values of Wald F test for hyperinsulinemia variables.