Table 1—

Distribution of underlying causes of death for TRIAD decedents (n = 540) and odds ratio (95% CI) of recording diabetes anywhere on the death certificate using cardiac causes as the reference group, 2000–2002

Underlying cause of deathICD-10 codesPercent of deaths by underlying cause of deathOdds ratio of having diabetes recorded anywhereLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
CardiacI00–09, I11, I13, I20–25, I27, I30–5236%1.00
Otherall other12%0.560.301.03
Cerebrovascular diseaseI60–696%0.710.321.59
RespiratoryJ00–09, J19–995%0.890.542.33
All other cardiovascular diseaseI10, I12, I14–19, I28–29, I53–59, I70–993%1.160.423.25
Accidents, suicide, assaultV00–99, W00–99, X00–99, Y00–992%
InfectionsA00–99, B00–992%
Renal failureN17–192%0.330.071.58
Influenza and pneumoniaJ10–181%0.750.134.18
  • *

    * P ≤ 0.05.