Table 2—

Association between age at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and predictor variables in sequential multiple linear regression analysis models

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
BMI SDS1.30.512.
Birth weight SDS5.30.0045.50.00095.50.001
    Girls vs. boys−6.80.1−3.60.3−3.70.3
    Non-Hispanic white vs. other−9.00.06−3.20.5−3.20.5
Diabetes duration−
FCP (per 1 ng/ml)41.9<0.000142.0<0.0001
BMI SDS∗FCP−11.1<0.0001−11.1<0.0001
Diabetes autoantibody number (1 vs. 2)−1.80.6
  • Model 1: adjusted for birth weight, sex, race/ethnicity, and diabetes duration. Model 2: model 1 + FCP and BMI SDS∗FCP interaction. Model 3 (explains 35% of variability in age at diagnosis): model 2 + number of positive diabetes antibodies. Coefficients can be interpreted as months of age; if the coefficient is negative, the association is with younger onset in months.