Table 1—

Baseline demographic characteristics

CharacteristicNondiabeticType 2 diabeticInsulin-treated diabeticP value
Age (years)67 ± 1569 ± 1367 ± 13<0.0001
Age <45 years8.73.94.7<0.0001
Male sex615951<0.0001
African American101219<0.0001
Current/recent smoker312218<0.0001
Prior myocardial infarction273643<0.0001
Prior PCI192527<0.0001
Prior coronary artery bypass grafting172531<0.0001
Renal insufficiency*91832<0.0001
Presenting features
    Median duration of symptoms (h)2.752.923.00
    Mean duration of symptoms (h)6.757.157.54NS
    Mean heart rate (bpm)848990<0.0001
    Mean systolic blood pressure (mmHg)144148146<0.0001
    Heart failure on presentation182836<0.0001
    Positive cardiac markers888788NS
  • Data are means ± SD or % unless otherwise indicated. Smoker indicates current or recent (within previous 6 weeks) tobacco smoking habit, hypertension indicates systolic blood pressure >160 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure >95 mmHg or treatment with antihypertensive agents, and hypercholesterolemia indicates total cholesterol >200 mg/dl or treatment with lipid-lowering agents.

  • * Serum creatinine >2.0 mg/dl, estimated creatinine clearance <30 ml/min, or need for dialysis.