Table 3—

Multiple regression analysis for the estimation of age at diagnosis in 47 siblings of affected children who contracted type 1 diabetes and in the 31 siblings with metabolic data available

β CoefficientSEP
Siblings of affected children with type 1 diabetes
    Age at first sampling1.3790.123<0.001
    IA-2A level at first sampling−0.0390.0120.003
    Initial number of autoantibodies−0.6490.4150.125
    Fit of the model: R2 = 0.76; F = 44.7; P < 0.001
Siblings with metabolic data available
    Age at first sampling1.1180.131<0.001
    IA-2A level at first sampling−0.0210.0110.07
    HLA DR–conferred risk*1.9720.7210.011
    Fit of the model: R2= 0.83; F = 32.1; P < 0.001
  • * Grading 0 (low risk) to 3 (high risk).