Table 1

Demographic and socioeconomic characteristics among Connecticut Latinos with T2D participating in the DIALBEST trial

VariableAll (N = 211)Control (n = 106)CHW (n = 105)P value
Age (years)56.3 ± 11.857.3 ± 12.155.4 ± 11.50.245
Female sex73.574.572.40.724
 English and Spanish34.632.137.1
Marital status0.861
 Common law7.14.79.5
Highest school grade0.628
 No schooling4.33.84.8
  ≤8th grade47.949.146.7
 Some high school21.824.519.0
 High school/GED17.115.119.0
 Some college5.22.87.6
 Cell phone64.567.061.90.441
 Radio/CD player77.777.478.10.898
 Cable television86.786.886.70.595
 Video player63.062.363.80.973
 DVD player69.071.766.30.402
 Microwave oven93.894.393.30.748
Total monthly income0.548
  • Data are mean ± SD or %. CD, compact disc; DVD, digital video disc; GED, General Educational Development.