Table 2—

Relation of diabetes to cognitive function in five different cognitive domains and to global cognition

Estimated coefficientSEtP*
Episodic memory−0.0730.064−1.140.253
Semantic memory−0.2060.060−3.42<0.001
Working memory−0.0490.072−0.690.493
Perceptual speed−0.2280.080−2.840.005
Visuospatial ability−0.1570.074−2.130.033
Global cognition−0.1240.049−2.520.012
  • Estimated from separate linear regression models that are controlled for age, sex, and education.

  • * The α level was set at 0.008 to account for the six outcome measures (i.e., 0.05/6 = 0.008).