Table 3—

Relation of diabetes to cognition as a function of current smoking status

Model termEstimated coefficientSEP*
Episodic memoryNo diabetes, smoking0.0990.1230.421
Diabetes, no smoking−0.0090.0650.889
Diabetes, smoking−0.2870.2370.226
Semantic memoryNo diabetes, smoking−0.1380.1130.224
Diabetes, no smoking−0.1410.0610.021
Diabetes, smoking−0.6140.2190.005
Working memoryNo diabetes, smoking−0.0150.1390.917
Diabetes, no smoking0.0070.0740.922
Diabetes, smoking−0.7830.2700.004
Perceptual speedNo diabetes, smoking−0.1440.1550.352
Diabetes, no smoking−0.1550.0830.061
Diabetes, smoking−0.9000.3000.003
Visuospatial abilityNo diabetes, smoking−0.0830.1430.563
Diabetes, no smoking−0.0930.0750.215
Diabetes, smoking−0.4110.2710.129
Global cognitionNo diabetes, smoking−0.0160.0930.866
Diabetes, no smoking−0.0590.0500.235
Diabetes, smoking−0.5460.1810.003
  • Estimated from separate linear regression models that are controlled for age, sex, and education.

  • * The α level was set at 0.008 to account for the six outcome measures (i.e., 0.05/6 = 0.008).