Table 3—

Changes in clinical and behavioral outcomes across study groups following the CCM intervention

CCM group (n = 27)
PROV group (n = 32)
UC group (n = 46)
Adjusted P value*
BaselineFollow-upP valueBaselineFollow-upP valueBaselineFollow-upP value
A1C (%)
Non-HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)153.7143.30.24170.9168.80.75147.3148.70.780.05
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)3944.50.000448.449.70.2343.847.40.020.52
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)142.5141.80.84142.2140.50.62146.7143.30.30.43
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)73.473.70.8477.575.60.2676.1760.960.43
Diabetes Knowledge Test score (%)
WHO-QWB10 index total score (range 0–30)21.3200.331917.20.0220.319.80.370.17
Empowerment Scale score (range 1–5)
Self-monitoring of blood glucose (%)77.8100<0.000184.490.60.1681.381.31.0000.03
  • *

    * Effect of group is adjusted for the clustering of patients within practice, age, and insulin use. Baseline values were adjusted for if significant differences occurred between baseline and follow-up values.

  • P value for within-group differences.