Table 2—

Cardiovascular disease mortality associated with a low ABI (<0.9) and the metabolic syndrome after adjusting for other factors

Low ABIMetabolic syndrome
Model 1: Age and sex2.19 (1.64–2.91)1.66 (1.26–2.18)
Model 2: Age, sex, and baseline cardiovascular disease1.85 (1.37–2.48)1.44 (1.08–1.90)
Model 3: Age, sex, baseline LDL cholesterol, smoking status, cardiovascular disease, and known and newly diagnosed diabetes1.56 (1.15–2.11)1.30 (0.97–1.76)
Model 4: Model 3 variables and metabolic syndrome (for low ABI as the independent variable) or low ABI (for metabolic syndrome as the independent variable)1.53 (1.13–2.07)1.26 (0.94–1.70)
  • Data are adjusted hazard ratios (95% CI).