Table 1—

Glucose responses (mmol/l) after glucose and nine meals containing three levels of resistant starch and three levels of β-glucan

Fasting30 min1 h2 h3 h4 h
Low β-glucan
    Low RS6.118.92*†7.75*†6.395.88*†5.60
    Mid RS5.908.08‡7.37†6.316.31*5.44
    High RS6.038.04‡7.32*†5.795.93*†5.53
Medium β-glucan
    Low RS6.118.56*†‡8.13*6.305.58†‡5.62
    Mid RS5.938.29†‡7.15†6.105.59†‡5.66
    High RS6.138.10‡7.46*†6.185.99*†5.87
High β-glucan
    Low RS5.957.87‡§7.28†6.446.22*5.91
    Mid RS6.117.75‡§6.67‡6.436.24*5.82
    High RS5.657.33§6.50‡6.345.86*†5.68
SE by time±0.24±0.40±0.54±0.32±0.23±0.17
ANOVA by timeP = 0.83P < 0.008P < 0.028P = 0.76P < 0.003P = 0.23
  • Data are mean SE of 9 normal and 9 overweight women. Overall ANOVA: group, P = 0.8690; treatment, P = 0.248; group by treatment, P < 0.089; time, P < 0.0001; group by time P = 0.746; treatment by time, P < 0.016; group by treatment by time, P = 0.999. Means with different symbols within a column are significantly different (P < 0.05). Low, medium, and high β-glucan intake averaged 0.3, 0.9, and 3.7 g/meal, respectively. Low, mid, and high resistant starch averaged 0.9, 3.4, and 6.5 g/meal, respectively. RS, resistant starch.