Table 2—

Insulin response (pmol/l) after glucose and nine meals containing three levels of resistant starch and three levels of β-glucan

Fasting30 min1 h2 h3 h4 hControlOverweight
Low β-glucan
    Low RS63401*393*†225*†105126156*282*
    Mid RS69321*†347*†164†‡91109159*208†‡
    High RS82352*†292*†129‡9473171*169‡§
Medium β-glucan
    Low RS67346*†345*†191*120101160*229†
    Mid RS77340*†303*†176†‡107104157*212†‡
    High RS64319*†297*†150‡103122149*202†‡
High β-glucan
    Low RS96322†‡302*†148†‡105108130*229†
    Mid RS77328*†258†140‡100111146*192†‡
    High RS68234‡170‡105§97125122*144§
SE by time±8±46±65±33±19±28±25±24
ANOVAP = 0.22P < 0.048P < 0.003P < 0.012P = 0.99P = 0.73
  • Data are mean SE of 9 normal and 9 overweight women. Overall ANOVA: group, P < 0.017; treatment, P < 0.01; group by treatment P < 0.001; time, P < 0.0001; treatment by time, P < 0.040; group by time, P = 0.274; group by treatment by time, P = 0.875. Means with different symbols within a column are significantly different based on log-transformed evaluation (P < 0.05). Means within the group (control and overweight) columns with different symbols are significantly different. Low, medium, and high β-glucan intake averaged 0.3, 0.9, and 3.7 g/meal, respectively. Low, mid, and high resistant starch (RS) averaged 0.9, 3.4, and 6.5 g/meal, respectively. RS, resistant starch.