Table 3—

Approximate fiber* and resistant starch of some food sources as eaten

AmountTotal fiber (g)Soluble fiber (g)Resistant starch (g)
    Oatmeal2 c cooked210.15
    Barley2 c cooked412.25
    Corn flakes1 c100.3
    Wheat bran flakes3/4 c5.50.50.2
Grain Products
    Whole wheat bread1 slice2.50.50.1
    English muffin1 muffin20.50.6
    Spaghetti1 c20.50.3
    White rice1/2 c0.500.6
Other starch sources
    Potato, bakedMedium310.3
    Potatoes, mashed1/2 c1.40.52.4
    Legumes (beans)2 c cooked6–71–32–3.5
    Lentils2 c cooked712.8
Fruit (1 medium fruit)
    Bananas (varies with     ripeness)314.9
    Citrus fruits2–320
  • *

    * Total fiber (2628), *†soluble fiber (2628), and

  • resistant starch (2729).