Table 2—

Pearson correlation coefficients* between NTBI and other clinical variables among control, newly diagnosed diabetes, or known diabetes groups

Newly diagnosed diabetes
Known diabetes
Transferrin saturation (%)−0.070.710.240.160.70<0.01
Ferritin (ng/ml)−0.180.330.130.470.300.04
Iron (μg/dl)−0.110.530.270.110.74<0.01
Hemoglobin (mg/dl)−<0.01
GGT (units/l)−0.050.750.45<
ALT (units/l)+0.070.640.300.030.080.61
AST (units/l)−0.080.600.42<
CRP (mg/l)−0.130.490.380.02−0.350.02
A1C (%)−0.280.06
  • *

    * All variables, except NTBI, hemoglobin, and A1C, were transformed using the natural logarithm before correlation coefficients were calculated.