Table 2—

Multivariate analyses (using GEEs) of microalbuminuria and glycemic control in youth with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

OutcomesOR*95% CIP value
    Type 1 diabetes
        Age (years)1.301.15–1.46<0.001
        A1C (%)1.171.00–1.380.06
        Systolic hypertension3.632.01–6.30<0.001
    Type 2 diabetes
        A1C (%)1.671.26–2.940.003
A1C >7.5%
    Type 1 diabetes
        Age (years)0.940.90–0.980.005
        Diabetes duration (years)1.061.02–1.090.003
    Type 2 diabetes
        Treatment with OHAs and diet/exercise vs. insulin0.120.05–0.31<0.001
        Resident in urban area22.784.06–127.89<0.001
        Aboriginal/Polynesian ethnic group4.200.85–20.720.08
        Social disadvantage risk score0.410.21–0.790.03
  • *

    * Explanatory variables from the multivariate GEE models are expressed as adjusted OR (95% CI). OHAs, oral hypoglycemic agents.