Table 3—

Relationship of ILMs to birth weight, leptin, and cord glucose

Type 2 diabetes
Insulin32–33 split proinsulinProinsulinInsulin32–33 split proinsulinProinsulinInsulin32–33 split proinsulinProinsulin
Z weight0.360.430.380.480.480.460.400.430.34
Cord glucose0.*0.170.420.16*0.06*
  • Spearman’s correlation coefficients of insulin and insulin propeptides to variables from mother and child in offspring of control subjects (n = 86) and mothers with GDM (n = 134) or type 2 diabetes (n = 39). Where the P value for simple Spearman’s correlation is <0.01, r value is shown in bold type; where 0.01 < P < 0.05, r is in standard type; where P > 0.05, r is in italics. For relationships with Z weight, leptin, and cord glucose,

  • *

    * r value for proinsulin or 32–33 split proinsulin significantly different from that of insulin at significance level P < 0.05.