Table 2—

HRs of variables possibly predictive of survival of diabetic subjects on regular hemodialysis determined by Cox proportional hazard model

Adjusted for multivariates*
HR95% CIP valueHR95% CIP value
Age at entry (years)1.0451.018–1.0720.0009
Sex (female = 1)0.9050.536–1.5300.710
Duration of hemodialysis (years)1.0010.995–1.0070.855
Existence of cardiac disease (no = 1)1.7671.110–2.8140.017
Glycemic control (A1C) group (good group = 1)
    Fair group1.0300.557–1.9040.9251.3170.695–2.4950.399
    Poor group1.7731.000–3.1450.0502.8891.538–5.4290.010
Mean A1C (%)1.1340.981–1.3110.0881.2601.081–1.4680.003
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg)0.9830.970–0.9950.0070.9900.997–1.0030.121
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)0.9630.935–0.9920.0140.9840.952–1.0170.338
Cardiothoracic ratio (%)1.0400.959–1.1280.3400.9920.901–1.0930.876
Creatinine (mg/dl)0.9470.866–1.0360.2310.9210.825–1.0290.148
Sodium (mEq/l)0.9920.940–1.0480.7770.9610.912–1.0140.144
Potassium (mEq/l)0.8490.643–1.1230.2510.8670.643–1.1690.349
Total protein (g/dl)0.8480.530–1.3570.4920.8550.527–1.3860.525
Albumin (g/dl)0.2290.086–0.6060.0030.3730.130–1.0690.066
Hemoglobin (g/dl)1.0060.840–1.2050.9461.0340.853–1.2530.732
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)1.0010.996–1.0070.6431.0030.997–1.0090.367
Uric acid (mg/dl)1.0040.827–1.3170.7201.0270.805–1.3110.829
  • Existence of cardiac diseases: existence of coronary artery disease and/or echocardiographic abnormalities.

  • *

    * Adjusted for age, sex, and duration of hemodialysis and existence of cardiac disease. The HR for each variable is expressed per increment of 1 unit of each variable. That for glycemic control group (A1C group) refers to good A1C group as 1, and that for sex refers to females as 1.