Table 1—

Characteristics according to the quintiles of plasma adiponectin concentration (μg/ml)

VariablesPlasma adiponectin quintiles
P value*
Adiponectin2.3 (<3.2)3.9 (3.2–4.6)5.6 (4.7–6.3)8.1 (6.4–10.1)16.9 (≥10.2)
Age (years)56596058580.08
BMI (kg/m2)31.931.330.629.926.3<0.001
Alcohol consumption (g/day)
Physical activity (MET/week)10.212.612.614.116.1<0.001
A1C (%)
Current smoker (%)17.313.314.08.911.30.36
Family history of coronary heart disease (%)23.722.825.420.123.80.80
History of hypertension (%)46.845.
History of hypercholesterolemia (%)38.737.846.538.539.50.39
Postmenopausal (%)66.984.286.078.779.20.004
  • Data are median (range) or mean. Data are from the 1990 questionnaire; physical activity data are from 1988 questionnaire.

  • *

    * Linear regression model was used to test trend for continuous variables; χ2 test was used for the categorical variables.