Table 1—

Basic details of study participants, prevalence of pain, and prevalence of PDPN

Population break downn (%)
Practice population (“list size”)
Diabetes register
    Known to have type 1 diabetes28
    Known to have type 2 diabetes354
    Found not to have diabetes3
Study sample (phase 1)
    Potentially eligible353
    Nonresponders (25) and those unable to respond (2)27
    Responders326 (92.7)
        Reported pain208 (63.8)
        Did not report pain118 (36.2)
Study sample (phase 2)
    Attended for assessment269 (82.5)
        Neuropathic pain51 (19.0)
        Nonneuropathic pain99 (36.8)
        Mixed pain20 (7.4)
        No pain99 (36.8)