Table 2—

Multivariate regression analysis exploring predictors of early and late PSH

Prognostic variablesRatio*95% CIP value
Early hyperglycemia: 8–24 h post-stroke (n = 49)
    Age (per 10 years)1.051.01–1.090.013
    Baseline DWI volume (ml)0.960.91–1.010.141
    Baseline NIHSS score1.000.99–1.010.838
Late hyperglycemia: 24–88 h poststroke (n = 53)
    Age (per 10 years)1.041.02–1.070.002
    Baseline DWI volume (ml)1.010.97–1.030.411
    Baseline NIHSS score1.000.99–1.000.318
  • Pooled data include patients with and without diabetes.

  • *

    * Proportional change in glucose per unit increase in each explanatory variable. DWI, diffusion-weighted imaging; IC+, insular cortical ischemia; NIHSS, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale.