Table 2—

Odds ratios and 95% CIs from logistic regression models predicting nonadherence to metformin by reported barriers and predicting adherence to metformin by reported strategies

Odds ratio (95% CI)*P value*
Reported barriers
    No barriers1.00
    Disruption of routines3.62 (2.82–4.64)<0.0001
    Forgets5.11 (4.30–6.07)<0.0001
    Adverse effects9.69 (7.86–11.95)<0.0001
    Forgets and disruption of routines8.76 (6.30–12.18)<0.0001
    Adverse effects and disruption of routines9.66 (5.42–17.24)<0.0001
    Forgets, adverse effects, and disruption of routines19.21 (5.07–72.79)<0.0001
Reported strategies
    No strategies1.00
    Time routine1.15 (0.90–1.46)0.25
    Activity strategy1.36 (1.06–1.76)0.02
    Reminder device1.57 (1.19–2.07)0.0015
    Both time and activity1.66 (1.29–2.15)0.0001
    Both time and reminder device1.68 (1.25–2.27)0.0006
    Both activity and reminder device1.74 (1.24–2.42)0.0012
    Time, activity, and reminder device2.69 (1.67–4.33)<0.0001
  • *

    * Barriers and strategies were modeled separately. P values are based on repeated-measures modeling using generalized estimating equations.

  • There were very few participants in this category, 11 throughout the study and only 1 or 2 at each quarterly visit.