Table 1—

Components of expenditure considered for direct medical costs incurred during the intervention period of 3 years in various arms of the study

Item and providerUnits (n/3 years)
Time (h spent/3 years)
Total cost in INR
ControlLSMMetLSM + MetControlLSMMetLSM + MetControlLSMMetLSM + Met
Standard lifestyle cost2,739
    Drug cost1,5611,561
    Social worker4127120.832.250.662.254750493504
Phone calls
    Social worker13910390.051.980.241.98374533745
Overhead charges813900846894
Travel cost1,8454,9133,1134,913
Total INR (U.S. $)2,739 (61)10,136 (225)9,881 (220)12,144 (270)
  • Met, metformin.