Table 1—

Questions regarding oral health knowledge, attitude, and practices of the sample

Did your physician tell you about the oral problems related to diabetes?
    Don’t know15.8
Is a diabetic more prone to oral diseases?
    Don’t know57
Do you have any dental/oral problems?
    Don’t know2.1
Is it because of diabetes?*
    Don’t know18.1
If there is an oral problem, what should be done?
    Consult a physician20
    Consult a dentist47
    Ignore it5
If someone tells you that you are more prone to oral diseases, what would you do?
    Increase brushing frequency45
    Decrease brushing frequency0.5
    Same as normal routine31.5
    Consult a dentist23
Do you smoke?
    Occasionally (>1 daily)12.9
Is smoking more injurious to the gums of a diabetic than those of a nondiabetic?
    Don’t know47.7
  • Data are percent.

  • *

    * Asked only of those who answered “yes” to the question, “Do you have any dental/oral problems?” (66%).