Table 1—

Correlation coefficient between OGTT-derived insulin sensitivity indexes and muscle and hepatic insulin sensitivity measured with the euglycemic insulin clamp

dG/dt ÷ I0.780.46
Glucose0–30(AUC) × insulin0–30(AUC)−0.550.64
QUICKI index (ref. 14)0.71−0.58
HOMA-IR (ref. 15)−0.560.59
Matsuda index (ref. 12)0.75−0.52
Stumvoll index (ref. 13)0.73−0.54
  • HOMA-IR, HOMA of insulin resistance; SSPI, steady state plasma insulin concentration during the last 30 min of the insulin clamp; TGD, total glucose disposal during the last 30 min of the insulin clamp. FPI was measured on the day of the insulin clamp. All correlation coefficients were statistically significant at P < 0.0001.