Table 1—

Navigator point accuracy according to various factors*

nMedian difference (mg/dl)Median AD (mg/dl)Median RAD% ISOP valuesnMedian difference (mg/dl)Median AD (mg/dl)Median RAD% ISOP values
Reference glucose0.03/0.02<0.001/<0.001
    ≤70 mg/dl83+131421%55%1,094+131526%51%
    71–180 mg/dl1,143+21513%72%4,535+21715%64%
    >180 mg/dl585−192510%81%3,010−213012%74%
Sensor age0.08/0.350.24/0.04
    <24 h75001511%78%1,503−32015%62%
    24 to <48 h395−81712%77%2,41301914%67%
    48 to <72 h326−82317%61%2,010+12114%66%
    72 to <96 h184+171915%68%1,591−12015%66%
    ≥96 h156−21911%81%1,122−21914%67%
Time of day<0.001/0.002<0.001/<0.001
Sensor location0.08/0.07
Age (years)0.28/0.160.005/0.01
    4 to <11574−91912%74%3,093−32215%65%
    11 to <14558+11712%73%2,833−12116%62%
    14 to <18679−11612%74%2,713+11713%70%
BMI percentile§0.08/0.070.18/0.29
    ≤50th percentile119−2129%92%55701914%69%
    >50th to ≤75th45101913%71%2,80601914%67%
    >75th percentile1,241−31712%73%5,276−22015%65%
Lead/lag times<0.001/<0.001<0.001/<0.001
    20-min lead1,88002216%61%8,62502719%54%
    10-min lead1,853−11914%67%8,624−12317%59%
    No lead/lag1,811−21712%74%8,639−12014%66%
    10-min lag1,861−31611%78%8,660−11813%70%
    20-min lag1,874−41711%77%8,60902014%67%
    30-min lag1,915−41913%71%8,606+32417%58%
Exercise test106+162217%58%NANANANANA
Meal challenge293−293215%70%NANANANANA
  • *

    * Includes only data from the every half-hour reference glucose values (i.e., exercise session and postbreakfast testing), except where noted.

  • The P values evaluate the association between the accuracy measures and each listed factor. The first P value is for RAD and the second is for ISO criteria met.

  • Daytime = 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; nighttime = 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

  • §

    § BMI percentile adjusted for age and sex (14).

  • Number of pairs varies slightly due to Navigator skips.