Table 2—

Parameter estimates of the risk equation for Hong Kong Chinese type 2 diabetic patients and reestimated hazard ratios of the predictors used by the UKPDS stroke engine in the training subsample

Stepwise modelReestimation of UKPDS risk engine predictors using the training dataset
Estimation of Hong Kong stroke risk score predictors in the training dataset
Hazard ratio (95% CI)P valueParameter estimates (SE)Hazard ratio (95% CI)P value
Age (years)1.07 (1.06–1.08)<0.00010.0634 (0.0070)1.07 (1.05–1.08)<0.0001
A1C (%)1.12 (1.04–1.21)0.00290.0897 (0.0384)1.09 (1.02–1.18)0.0195
Log10(ACR) (mg/mmol)0.5314 (0.0830)1.70 (1.45–2.00)<0.0001
History of CHD (1 if yes; 0 otherwise)0.5636 (0.2174)1.76 (1.15–2.69)0.0095
Sex (1, female; 0, male)0.91 (0.68–1.23)0.5528NS
Current smoking status (1 if yes; 0 otherwise)1.34 (0.94–1.90)0.1085NS
SBP (mmHg)1.01 (1.00–1.02)0.0014NS
Total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio1.00 (0.91–1.11)0.9534NS
  • NS, not selected.