Table 3—

Cox regression models relating metabolic syndrome and measures of insulin resistance to microvascular risk

VariableRetinopathyP valueNephropathyP value
Metabolic syndrome0.85 (061–1.18)0.330.98 (0.71–1.35)0.91
eGDR0.75 (0.69–0.81)<0.0010.88 (0.80–0.96)0.005
Insulin dose0.77 (0.41–1.45)0.421.61 (0.93–2.82)0.09
  • Data are HR (95% CI). Units for eGDR are mg · kg−1 · min−1 and for insulin dose are units per kilogram body weight. Models adjusted for the following baseline covariates: age, sex, disease duration, randomization treatment (conventional/intensive), and prevention cohort (primary/secondary).