Table 2—

Treatment intensification by baseline adherence, comparing highest vs. lowest quartile and excellent (>90%) vs. poor (<50%)

1st vs. 4th quartile
Excellent vs. poor adherence
Crude ORPAdjusted ORPCrude ORPAdjusted ORP
Intensification at 12 months1.64<0.0011.530.011.53<0.0011.49<0.001
95% CI(1.26–2.14) Crude HRP(1.11–2.11) Adjusted HRP(1.27–1.86) Crude HRP(1.18–1.88) Adjusted HRP
Cox model (HR ± SE)1.52 ± 0.08<0.0011.41 ± 0.10<0.0011.46 ± 0.06<0.0011.39 ± 0.07<0.001
  • n = 516 (1st adherence quartile) vs. 517 (4th adherence quartile) patients and 857 (excellent adherence) vs. 188 (poor adherence) patients. Lower adherence category serves as the referent for the higher adherence category. Models adjusted for age, sex, race, number of concurrently prescribed medicines at time of oral hypoglycemic initiation, baseline A1C prior to medication initiation, and time from medication initiation to first elevated A1C. HR, hazard ratio.