Table 2—

Comparison of screening strategies for diabetes among women with histories of GDM

OGTT every yearFPG every yearA1C every yearOGTT every 2 yearsFPG every 2 yearsA1C every 2 yearsOGTT every 3 yearsFPG every 3 yearsA1C every 3 years
Cost per case detected$860$1,145$1,288$502$924$1,047$388$895$1,018
Cost per person screened$513$543$603$283$310$342$205$219$241
Percent of cases detected97.5%77.4%76.5%92.1%54.8%53.4%86.2%39.9%38.6%
Duration (years) of undiagnosed diabetes0.291.731.790.582.512.570.882.952.99
  • Base case assumptions: costs include cost of tests and visit but not time lost from work; tests are obtained whenever ordered; rate of progression to diabetes is 8% per year. OGTT = 2-h glucose tolerance test with 75-g challenge.