Table 3—

Sensitivity analyses of base case assumptions

OGTT every yearFPG every yearA1C every yearOGTT every 2 yearsFPG every 2 yearsA1C every 2 yearsOGTT every 3 yearsFPG every 3 yearsA1C every 3 years
1) Sensitivity analysis assumptions: costs include base case costs and costs of time lost from work; otherwise similar to base case
    Cost per case detected$1,771$1,621$1,764$1,033$1,308$1,435$799$1,267$1,395
    Cost per person screened$1,057$768$826$583$439$469$422$309$330
2) Sensitivity analysis assumptions: OGTT obtained only 50% after ordering and FPG obtained 75% after ordering; otherwise similar to base case
    Cost per case detected$487$1,013$1,288$321$870$1,047$279$865$1,018
    Cost per person screened$272$428$603$154$240$342$111$167$241
    Percent of cases detected91.5%69.0%76.5%78.1%45.0%53.4%64.7%31.5%38.6%
3) Sensitivity analysis assumptions: indirect costs (sensitivity analysis 1) and imperfect adherence to tests (sensitivity analysis 2)
    Cost per case detected$1,003$1,434$1,764$662$1,232$1,435$575$1,224$1,395
    Cost per person screened$562$605$826$316$339$469$228$236$330
4) Sensitivity analysis assumptions: no confirmatory test needed for a positive FPG; otherwise similar to base case
    Cost per case detected$860$798$1,288$502$528$1,047$388$460$1,018
    Cost per person screened$513$399$603$283$239$342$205$175$241
    Percent of cases detected97.5%81.8%76.5%$92.1%73.8%53.4%86.2%62.2%38.6%
    Duration (years) of undiagnosed diabetes0.290.811.790.581.442.570.881.932.99
  • OGTT = 2-h glucose tolerance test with 75-g challenge.